ANBI-status approved, let’s start fundraising

We have some great news to share: the Vanderes Foundation has secured the status of a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO, better known as ANBI in the Netherlands). This status allows Dutch donors to enjoy certain tax benefits. For more details (in Dutch), check out the website of the “Belastingdienst” (the Dutch Tax Authorities).

The ANBI-status is only granted to organisations that focus at least 90% of their efforts on the general good. The Vanderes Foundation meets that requirement with our goal of ‘improving education and access to education’. And we actually believe that our goal is not solemnly a general good, but a basic human right for everyone on this planet. Now that we have the ANBI-status secured, we can get started and make sure more and more people get access to good quality education!

Well, we actually already did start with fundraising, so we expect the first funds to be in before the end of the year. If you are interested in donating as well, please get in touch.



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