Another partnership: Vanderes Foundation invests in Dana Cita

We are happy to announce our first equity investment in student-loan provider Dana Cita. Dana Cita is a purpose driven for-profit enterprise in Indonesia, on a mission to democratize access to higher education in their country. The founders Susli and Naga were selected to join in the world’s leading startup accelerator Y Combinator in the US. After a very successful seed round they are now ready to build out their company.

We were very impressed by Susli and Naga’s profiles and strongly feel they are going to make a huge impact on in Indonesia, a country with a tertiary enrollment ration of less than 30% (compared to for example 49% in Thailand). By providing education loans to the unbanked in Indonesia, Dana Cita can make an enormous change in the lives of many students, trickling down to their future families.

We are happy and proud to be part of their journey and look forward to our collaboration.

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