The Vanderes Foundation Continuously Invests in Improving Access to Education, This Time in Indonesia’s Leading Education Financing Platform DANAdidik

  • The Vanderes Foundation’s (“Vanderes”) mission is to improve (access to) quality education, The foundation tends to focus on lower GDP countries.
  • Fintech startup (“DANAdidik”) funds underprivileged and low-income Indonesian college students to finish their study.

Jakarta, 21 August 2018 – Vanderes and DANAdidik today announced their partnership to continuously improve the lives of underprivileged Indonesian students through higher education financing. Vanderes will invest in Indonesian students’ education through DANAdidik.

In Indonesia, Participation Rate (PR) of higher education is still at 20 percent[1], way below its neighboring countries, Malaysia and Singapore. With limited government support in higher education access and limited education financing available in the market, Indonesian students and parents are left without options.

Vanderes is set out to improve the access to quality education. In their first year, they’ve supported three student loan providers in Southeast Asia. In the same breath with DANAdidik, Vanderes believes that education is the main path to permanently escape poverty, as it transcends generations, with educated parents being more likely to provide for (even better) education for their children.

DANAdidik is the first student loan provider in Indonesia using income-sharing repayments after marginalized college students graduate and gain employment. This unique repayment system allows lending to unbanked students.

The partnership between DANAdidik and the Vanderes Foundation marks an important milestone in Indonesia’s student loan market. Indonesian President Joko Widodo has been pushing local commercial banks to provide student loans in March early this year. While traditional banks have not been receptive, fintech startups such as DANAdidik are leading the way.

 About Vanderes Foundation |

The Vanderes Foundation is a Dutch certified Public Benefit Organisation (PBO, better known as ANBI in the Netherlands). It was founded in May 2017 by Izak van der Sluijs to improve the quality of, and access to education around the globe, through making impact investments and providing loans.

About DANAdidik |

DANAdidik is a crowdfunding platform for student loans in Indonesia, focusing on vocational studies. True to its mission, DANAdidik has been serving the marginalized: a majority of the students are from low-income families, orphans or raised by a  single parent. There is also a majority of women amongst the beneficiaries. DANAdidik has funded hundreds of students across Indonesia, from Sumatra to Java and Bali to Kalimantan.

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[1] Central Agency on Statistics Indonesia (BPS)

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