Vanderes Foundation partners with FISA company Brighter Investment

Half September the Vanderes Foundation provided debt capital to North American based Brighter Investment. This mission-driven social enterprise provides investors with the opportunity to back future engineers, doctors and scientists in developing countries. Brighter Investment is currently operating in Ghana. Expansion plans will most likely focus initially on the African continent.

It’s Vanderes’ first partnership with a company using the FISA (future income share agreement) model. Following this model, students don’t get a loan, but agree on repayment of a fixed percentage of their future income for a limited duration (typically 25% for 6 years) after graduation. This means students will never deal with accumulated interest or the risk of repayment-challenges when they are out of a job or in a low-paying job. Since Brighter Investment invests in diversified cohorts of the most talented students that pursue degrees with great career prospects, it can still provide its investors with an attractive return. Early in the financial year, the Vanderes Foundation donates any excess returns earned in the preceding financial year to organizations, projects or causes that improve the quality of and access to education.

Read more about Brighter Investment here!

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