Zomia SPC is a social purpose corporation launched in
2014 to increase access to higher education among
students in marginalized communities. Zomia does this
by facilitating affordable student loans, engaging a
community in a peer-to-peer lending process that
connects students in need with individual and
institutional lenders.

Zomia has currently financed 77 students, mostly in
Myanmar and Cambodia and is looking to increase this
number significantly over the coming months. The
Vanderes Foundation is supporting Zomia to reach their
funding goal of 2018/2019 and hopes to re-lend any
repaid loans to new students over the years to come.

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Dana Cita is on a mission to democratize access to higher education in Indonesia. Through our lending platform, students pursuing Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, and non-degree short-courses can obtain affordable loans to fund their tertiary education and training. We are the first in Indonesia to offer financing for full degree programs and are backed by Y Combinator.

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InvestEd is a Philippines based social enterprise that provides marginalized college students with loan products that are exactly fit for their needs. The loans are paid back only after students graduate and gain employment. Students are guided by the internally developed Borrower Success Program which includes training and coaching in employment and financial literacy. Loans can be allocated to cover tuition, daily allowance, dormitory, projects, vocational study, laptops, and licensure exams. Due to use of technology InvestEd can verify credit-worthy and quality students in less than 15 minutes which leads to scale. By 2022, InvestEd aims to slash the college dropout rate in half by reaching a total of 300,000 students.

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Established in 2015, DANAdidik is a crowdfunding platform for student loans in Indonesia, connecting lenders and donors with vocational higher education students. DANAdidik focuses on three major categories: health, technology, and general student loans. True to its mission, DANAdidik has been serving the marginalized: a majority of the students are from low-income families, orphans or raised by a single parent. DANAdidik uses income-share repayments after the students graduate and gain employment. This unique repayment system allows lending to unbanked students. DANAdidik has already funded hundreds of students across Indonesia, from Sumatra to Java and Bali to Kalimantan.

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Brighter Investment provides investors with the opportunity to back future engineers, doctors and scientists in developing countries. A partnership that benefits both student and investor, socially and financially. Brighter Investment is currently active in Ghana. The company invests in diversified cohorts of the most talented students that pursue degrees with great career prospects. After graduating, students repay a fixed percentage of their income for a limited duration (a so called ‘future income share agreement’ model). If properly educated, students in the developing world increase their income 3-5x, live longer, pay more taxes, are more likely to educate their children, and create 3 jobs on average for people with less education. The future is bright!

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Lumni is the pioneer of Income Share Agreements (ISA’s), active for over a decade in Latin America. Both Lumni and its founder and global CEO Felipe Vergara have been awarded many times for their successes by globally recognized institutions like the World Economic Forum. Lumni is active in Peru, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and recently expanded into the USA (focusing on underprivileged students). The Vanderes Foundation invested in the Fondo Talento II in Colombia which backs 450 students.

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