The Vanderes Foundation aims to create impact through investments in the quality of education and access to education, with preservation of capital.

The Vanderes Foundation was founded by Ies van der Sluijs in 2017. He strongly believed in the power of education and saw it as one of the keys towards escaping poverty. After having founded earlier foundations backing 1) early cancer research and 2) rural development, Ies decided to focus on education with the Vanderes Foundation. His aim was to contribute to improving the quality of education and access to education, globally.

Through his entrepreneurial background he realized he could multiply the impact of his initial funds, by not purely donating his money, but investing and lending it. Thus the money would over time be repaid and could be used to reinvest or re-lend.* Thereby his initial donation would carry further and perpetually help further students get educated.

We are very proud to carry out this task and create as much positive impact as possible, in his name.

As his first wife Mies van der Sluijs, after having lived through the Second World War, used to tell their grandchildren: “You can loose everything in life, but nobody can ever take away your education.”


Ies van der Sluijs 1930 – 2018

*In order to comply with Dutch ANBI-regulation (PBO), the Vanderes Foundation is a not-for-profit and donates any positive returns to further its mission.


The Vanderes Foundation is a Dutch certified Public Benefit Organisation (PBO, better known as ANBI in the Netherlands). It was founded in May 2017 by Izak van der Sluijs to improve the quality of, and access to education around the globe, through making investments.

We believe education is one of the main ways to permanently escape poverty, as it transcends generations, with educated parents being more likely to provide for (even better) education for their children.

Our focus is on projects around education financing (student loans), as well as school financing.

We have a global mandate, though we are more likely to operate in lower GDP countries by virtue of our goal.

More details about the foundation can be found on the contact page.


Misson statement: the Vanderes Foundation aims to improve the access to qualitative education. Our goal is to create an ever-expanding positive impact on the future of our world by investing in education.

Vision: the Vanderes Foundation believes that access to education can break the chain of poverty. We therefore feel every child on our planet should have the opportunity to receive quality education.





Vanderes Foundation  / Stichting Vanderes Foundation

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