The Vanderes Foundation has an independent board consisting of three members:

Mirte Gosker – Chair
Mirte has a Master’s in International Development Studies from Wageningen University and completed the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme in 2017. With a background in research on humanitarian logistics and operational management within the startup scene, she now lives and works in Asia where she is exploring the Effective Altruism movement. It makes her happy to see young people thrive and she’s dedicated to make the foundation as effective as possible.
  Inge van Dasselaar – Secretary
Inge has a double degree Masters in Forest- and Nature Conservation and Leisure, Tourism and Environment both from Wageningen University. In her daily working career, she runs a business focused on forest and nature management. She wants to contribute to a better world, and she believes education is key to this ambition.
Nienke Budde –Treasurer
Nienke has a Masters in International Business Administration from University Maastricht and an MBA from INSEAD. She has worked at various types and sizes of organisations, both in the Netherlands as well as in Asia and Africa. Most recently she has specialised in Lean. In 2015 she co-founded the Stella Foundation aiming to lower the number of suicides stemming from depression in South Korea. Nienke has visited over 100 countries and is an amateur photographer.